Time: September 30, 2020 Happy Hour (6:00PM Rochelle, IL Time) or Night Owl (9:00PM Rochelle, IL Time)

Location: Zoom!

Event Type: Shows

About Tour

Wanna hang out with some great people and play some games with Daniel, all while curled up on your couch with a glass of rosé?

In this edition of The Game Night Show, we’re playing Jackbox! The night starts out with a meet & greet, followed by games (and drinks and laughs), then a Q&A with Daniel. It’s a super fun, laid-back night – you won’t want to miss it!

There are two small-group hangs to choose from – Happy Hour or the Night Owl – but there are a limited number of spaces, so click “BUY TICKETS” ASAP for the opportunity to reserve your spot!